On winning and losing

I’m not quite sure if it’s in Singapore or generally prevalent in the educational system,  there’s a subcurrent of winner and loser’s mentality, very much prevalent in the educational system. The system rewards academic success. It’s inherent from educators’ attitude, cultural beliefs (you must have a degree PHD ) to make it. Qualifications are very often pegged to how well one can succeed later in life.

Of course this leads to a certain winners’ and losers’ mentality for 2 different groups of people. It’s is possible that winning academically or at things lead to ego attachment to the sense of winning and continually behavioural traits geared towards winning. And losers’ mentality hint at giving up, at not being able to achieve.

These are related to our basic survival instincts where winning suggests potential well being and being in better stead and losing would suggest one’s difficulty in navigating through life and not able to make something of oneself.

But what is this truely about what about this winner’s mentality that make us feel good about ourselves? It’s like winning make use feel ahead of the pack, being in a position above that of the average, wherea losing puts someone in a mental position that is beneath another.

What if all this weren’t true and just a system built around our survival instincts that has yet to catch up with our physical environment?

I believe every person is inherently talented and has an enormous potential waiting to be explored with the right avenue. And everyone’s neither a winner or loser but a piece of gem in this cogwork of human connectedness. However the system we have in place now, doesn’t necessary support everyone’s needs, talents or growth. So what if we relook at everyone as a mine of human potential, latent talent to be unleased and tapped. How would that change our perspective and internal point of view?

How would that change how we see ourselves?


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