Writing 101: A Room with a View

Day 2 of Writing 101. Topic is a room which a view, but I couldn’t summon a room or view in my mind. My ideal fantasy location is always somewhere in nature, preferably near the sea too! Hence the scenerio rather than an actual room. Grammar wise I always have trouble with first person narratives. They are so tricky! The below came out of the 20 minutes free form writing, which seems okay.  And here’s day 2’s challenge. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_assignment/writing-101-setting/. If a grammar police ever caught on to me, I’d appreciate all crimes pointed out and trialed.


Bird call, that’s what I hear when I open my eyes. Another one, answering the first. Sunlight shining through the bright green leaves onto my face. Awww, I’d been knocked out for two hours, but it was a pleasant slumber. I could hear the shushing of gently seawaves. It’s probably mid afternoon by now. The morning wind felt so balmy that I slumbered on my tree house.

I looked around for Tommy, but he wasn’t nearby. He will be by the sea, practising his strokes or on his surfboard. A squirrel ran past, chattering as it peeped at me. I climbed down the huge trunk of the oak tree cautiously, mustn’t get a tear on the shirt. Mum would go off her nuts. I walked towards the sea, taking in my thirst and feeling hungry. It was about time for lunch. The backpack where our lunch was kept wasn’t in the treehouse, so Tommy had it with him. Drats, I’m awfully hungry, hope he had saved some for me.

A gust of wind came, sending my hair upwards and everywhere else. The salty tang teased my tongue and its coolness made my nose twitch. A dog barking, my curiousity arose. Where had it came from? There isn’t any canine around here for miles. But it sounds friendly so it’s probably brought here, might be a holiday tourist with a pet. We get a lot of them here, in our sleepy town, which comes to life mostly in summer, when people come to be near the sea for a holiday. Summer is ending though, so whoever he is, is a late arrival.

I love the sea, I can’t imagine myself living anywhere else from it. But it wasn’t enough for Jordan. he needed more. Different people, a different life I guess. I miss him, and I wish he would email me more often.

The sea is foamy and cool. Tommy is there in the distance, I can see the gaudy pink and purple of his surfboard. His princess board he calls it. It’s funny, Tommy loves surfing and all sort of water sports and also really loud colours. I took a quick glance at our house, seeing if I can spot Mum working in the garden or lounging with a book. Nada, she’d be in the kitchen then, cooking up a storm, basically for Tommy, who eats like a cow. I mostly peck at stuff.

Rummaging through the half opened backpack, I found a semi squashed banana and a muffin. It’s a surprise that there were any food inside at all after Tommy had gone through it. But I think he really remembered this time, to keep some aside for me.



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