Writing 101: Be Brief

You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. Write a story about this encounter.

Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.

Dear Takumi,

I never thought it’s possible you noticed me, the quiet, thin wisp of a girl usually at the edge of the crowd. I’d seen you for months now, and sometimes I think you’re the boy I meet in my dreams. That ray of sunlight that warms me and falls on my hand, but never solid enough to hold.

I’m sorry if I write too much.

I did not expect the pink rose in my mailbox and with the note hoping that I’d get well soon and return to school. And that you would like to meet me. I hadn’t been to school because my family is moving to Tokyo tomorrow morning.

I don’t think we can see each other again, but I hope you will be happy and still be joyful.

Please take care of yourself,



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